Mobile Blind Cleaning

Mobile Blind Cleaning

Exceptional Blind Services Right at Your Door

Innovators of Mobile Blind Cleaning

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Service was the first to offer window blind cleaning right at the customer’s door in a self contained mobile unit. Before the innovation of this unique cleaning system anyone doing blind cleaning would have to remove the blinds, take them back to their  facility for cleaning and then drive with the blinds back to the client’s location to reinstall the clean blinds. In most cases the customer would be without window coverings for several days. That was no fun and not something the customers were excited about. It was way too time consuming and inefficient.

Equipped with a self-contained, mobile cleaning system, Ultrasonic Blind technicians provide fast and efficient cleaning services right at your home, office, apartment or restaurant…

Ultrasonic Blinds will clean, dry and reinstall your blinds in just a few hours!

Looking for a Reliable Blind Cleaning Service Who Offers:

  • Mobile Blind Cleaning & State-of-the-Art System

  • A Outstanding Reputation with Satisfied Customers

  • 5-Star Quality Service Since 1989

  • Professionally Trained Staff & Onsite Technicians

  • Certified, Licensed & Insured

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