Mobile Blind Cleaning

Mobile Blind Cleaning

Exceptional Blind Services Right at Your Door

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Process

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Service is unique, it’s mobile, and it’s performed right at your home or business location, saving you time, money and the hassle of doing it all yourself.  No harsh chemicals, no climbing ladders or cleanup mess.

Ultrasonic blinds invented state of the art mobile vehicles that are able to bring ultrasonic blind cleaning right to the customers door. The ultrasonic cleaning system is a proprietary technology that fully submerses the blinds into an ultrasonically vibrating bath and uses a powerful but gentle process that thoroughly cleans and leaves blinds static-free to repel dust and dirt longer and insures the best cleaning possible. After rinsing, the blinds are dried and carefully rehung back into their original window opening. Customers are usually amazed at how clean and fresh their blinds are when completed.

Ultrasonic Blinds does it’s unique cleaning service in a high-tech mobile unit. Prior to the development of this unique mobile cleaning service, anyone doing blind cleaning would have to remove the blinds, take them back to the cleaning facility and then return to the client’s location to reinstall the clean blinds. In most cases the customer would be without window coverings for several days. This was not something the customers were excited about and was definitely very time consuming and inefficient.

Ultrasonic Blind Services’ state of the art mobile blind cleaning unit changed all of that by allowing work to be done right at the customers premisses. In most cases they can remove, clean, dry and reinstall the owners blinds in just a few hours.

Ultrasonic Blind Services has been successfully serving our customers in their homes, office buildings, apartment complexes and restaurants since 1989.

Our Customers are Customers for life!